Caffeine Personalities: Celebrating Dads and their Coffee Types

Greetings to all the loving dads out there! This father's day we're raising our coffee mugs to you - the extraordinary fathers who fill our lives with love and our cups with warmth. Here at Panduranga Coffee, we understand that different dads love different brews. So, let's celebrate this special day by indulging you with your favourite type of coffee and special chai.

1. On-the-Go Dad

Always in a hurry? Our Quick Brew Coffee Drip Bags are perfect for dads who value speed and quality. They're fast, convenient, and deliver a fantastic cup of coffee in no time.

Panduranga Coffee Coffee Drip Bags


2. Strong Brew Dad

If you like your coffee as strong as your spirit, our Strong Coffee with Chicory is your perfect match. Robust and invigorating, it's the hero's brew!

Here is our list of Coffee with Chicory Blends: Best suited for South Indian Filter Coffee

Panduranga Coffee Chicory Blends

SHOP: GRAND AROMA (85% Coffee + 15% Chicory), 1938 ROAST (85% Coffee + 15% Chicory )


Panduranga Coffee Chicory Coffee

SHOP: MADE IN CHIKMAGALUR(80% Coffee + 15% Chicory), AROMA GOLD(70% Coffee + 30% Chicory)


Panduranga Coffee Brown Gold Chicory Coffee

SHOP: BROWN GOLD(85% Coffee + 15% Chicory)

 3. The Coffee Connoisseur 

Single Origin Pure Coffee is for the dads who appreciate the finest things in life. No blends, no mix, just the pure essence of coffee from a single source - perfection in every sip.

Panduranga Coffee Single Origin Pure Coffee


4. Chai Lover Dad 

Our Indian Masala Chai is for the dads who love a flavorful twist. It's a vibrant blend of spices and warmth, serving you a little piece of India in a cup.

Panduranga Coffee Masala Chai


5. The Exclusive Brew Buff 

For those fathers who have an inclination towards exclusivity, our Rare Coffee Peaberry is sure to delight. Uniquely flavorful, just like your unique bond with your kids.

Panduranga Coffee Peaberry Coffee Blend

SHOP: PEABERRY COFFEE BLEND (pure coffee & with chicory)

6. The Practical Dad 

For the dad who loves convenience without sacrificing taste, Panduranga Coffee's New Instant Coffee Blends are perfect.

SHOP: INSTANT COFFEE BLENDS (pure and with chicory)

7. Novice Brewmaster Dad 

For the dad who wants to embark on his caffeinated journey with our Coffee Starter Kits. Simplifying the art of brewing, these kits are your first step towards crafting that perfect cup of coffee at home. Take your love for coffee to the next level and impress your family with your barista skills!

Panduranga Coffee Starter Kit


So here's to the "On-the-Go Dads," the "Strong Brew Dads," and all the fathers in between. We're raising a cup to your love, strength, and exceptional taste in coffee. Happy Father's Day!


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