Mysore Nuggets - 100% Arabica AAA

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Chikmagalur produces several best coffees grown at high altitude underneath the peaks of Baba Budan Giri hills. But one of them is truly legendary. It’s Mysore Nuggets - A coffee so exquisite that it was the only coffee allowed in the royal palaces. This coffee exhibits good body intense flavour with a sweetish aroma, a note of chocolate, after taste of caramel and just a hint of spices.

Here is our 100% Plantation AAA Arabica Coffee “Mysore Nuggets” a name that embodies the royal essence specially made for those who love black coffee. The name “Extra Bold” refers to a very large bean size and the term “Nuggets” is in relation to the preciousness as in nuggets of gold.

Roast Level





4500 feet.


Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India (South)

Brew with

French Press / Coffee maker / Mokapot


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