• South Indian Filter Coffee

    Experience the Rich Flavors of South Indian Filter Coffee

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Exquisite Origin

As Chikmagalur’s premium coffee roasters, we proudly bring to your cup the rich flavors from the birthplace of Indian coffee. Our beans are sourced directly from the high-elevation coffee farms of Chikmagalur, ensuring an authentic, unforgettable taste.

A Legacy of Quality

Since 1938, our family-owned business has committed to delivering outstanding coffee. Four generations of dedicated coffee roasters stand behind our brand, merging time-honoured traditions with modern innovation to create an exceptional brew.

India's Pioneering Filter Coffee Brand

Panduraga Coffee holds a unique distinction as India's only filter coffee brand that uses 100% German-engineered machinery for the precise roasting and grinding of our coffee and chicory.

Step into the world of Chikmagalur's unparalleled masters of coffee roasting.

Coffee processing

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Brew Equipment

Our store

Panduranga Coffee Works

M G Road,
Chikmagalur 577101

Karnataka, India

Mon - Sun, 9am - 9pm

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