Made in Chikmagalur

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“Made in Chikmagalur” is our blend dedicated to emphasizing the authenticity of Coffee from the hills of Chikmagalur, the birthplace of Coffee in India.  It is a special blend designed for Coffee lovers who are looking for a hint of fruity flavour with a scintillating aroma, a secret old blend with balanced caramel, chocolaty, fruity and butter notes in a cup.  This has 80% Coffee & 20% Chicory.

Our rich heritage of sourcing and manufacturing coffee in Chikmagalur for 81 years, has made us one of the most popular Coffee Retailers in South India. When you buy from us, you take home the original taste of Chikmagalur Coffee. 


Roast Level





4500 - 5500 feet.


Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India (South)

Brew with

Moka Pot / South Indian Filter / Coffee Maker (With Chicory Blend)

Moka Pot / South Indian Filter  / French Press / Coffee Maker (Pure Coffee)


How to Brew with Moka Pot


What is so special about this coffee? What is High Altitude Coffee?

Coffee beans that are grown at higher altitudes tend to be harder and richer. Due to higher elevations there is less oxygen in the air. This causes the plant to grow slower giving it more time to mature. The beans develop more intense flavor profiles with different tastes and stays 2 months longer in the plant.
Higher altitudes are considered ideal for growing the coffee plant. With cooler temperatures delaying the growth cycle allows the beans to go through a longer maturation process. Thus creating a much fuller, richer and more flavorsome coffee.


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Anand Reddy
Love it

Love this blend and would order again! I wish I had an more shipping options

Excellent Blend

this is a fantastic coffee with the perfect blend of fruity and spicy flavors.