A Love Brew For You: Discover Your South Indian Filter Coffee Match

South Indian filter coffee isn't just a drink; it's a warm hug in a mug that brightens countless mornings and gatherings. At Panduranga Coffee, we get that your coffee preference is a reflection of your unique personality. So this valentine’s day, let's dive into our special collection and discover the South Indian filter coffee that's just right for you.

The Sophisticate: Grand Aroma

If elegance and sophistication define you, Grand Aroma awaits. Its premium blend, enriched with 15% specialty chicory, delivers a luxurious caramel richness and sophisticated mouthfeel. It's crafted for you, the connoisseur who savors every subtle hint and nuance.

Grand Aroma Filter Coffee

SHOP: GRAND AROMA ( 85% Coffee + 15% Chicory )

The Bold Explorer: Wild Coffee

Adventure pulses in your veins, and you're always on the quest for something new. Wild Coffee, birthed in the untouched Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, is your ideal companion. Cultivated alongside nature's giants, it brings an aroma and flavor as wild and free as your spirit.

Wild Coffee

SHOP: WILD COFFEE ( 80% Coffee + 20% Chicory )

The Timeless Traditionalist: 1938 Roast

For you, who finds solace in the timeless, the 1938 Roast celebrates Panduranga Coffee's enduring legacy. Like a tale passed down through generations, it offers consistency, quality, and a rich story with every sip. It's the blend that honors your appreciation for tradition.

1938 Roast Filter Coffee

SHOP: 1938 ROAST ( 85% Coffee + 15% Chicory )


Valintens Day Offer


The Pure Enthusiast: Peaberry

Your pursuit of purity and rarity leads you to Peaberry. Unlike its twin-bearing counterparts, this singular bean boasts brighter, sweeter, and more intense flavors. It's the choice for you, the aficionado of the unique and extraordinary.


Peaberry Coffee

SHOP: PEABERRY COFFEE ( Pure Coffee & 80% Coffee + 20% Chicory )

The Royal Aficionado: Mysore Nuggets

Luxury and opulence are not just preferences for you; they're a way of life. Mysore Nuggets - 100% Arabica AAA, once reserved for royalty, matches your refined tastes with its intense flavor and aromatic sweetness. It's your coffee, as exquisite as your palate.

Mysore Nuggets Coffee


The Earthy Realist: Made in Chikmagalur

Authenticity and simplicity resonate with you. Made in Chikmagalur, rooted in the cradle of Indian coffee, mirrors your genuine, earth-bound essence. It's your blend, celebrating the authenticity of Chikmagalur's coffee heritage.

Made in Chikmagalur Coffee

SHOP: MADE IN CHIKMAGALUR ( 80% Coffee + 20% Chicory )

The Practical Perfectionist: Aroma Gold

Practicality meets perfection in your world, and Aroma Gold aligns with your no-compromise attitude towards taste. With its creamy caramel allure from the 30% chicory blend, it's designed for you, who enjoys a rich cup with milk every time.

Aroma Gold Coffee

SHOP: AROMA GOLD COFFEE ( 70% Coffee + 30% Chicory )

The Convenience Seeker: Aroma Pocket

Always on the move, you value convenience without cutting corners on quality. Aroma Pocket drip bags are your salvation. Hot water and moments later, quality coffee is served. It's perfect for you, the dynamo who thrives on quality and efficiency.

Aroma Pocket Coffee Drip Bags

SHOP: AROMA POCKET COFFEE DRIP BAGS ( 85% Coffee + 15% Chicory )

The Beginner Brewer: Coffee Starter Kits

Embarking on your filter coffee journey? Our Starter Kits pave the path to a newfound love. Whether you lean towards the Moka Pot Starter Kit or the South Indian Filter Starter Kit, we've got everything you need to get started.

Filter Coffee Starter Kits


Your personality is as rich and diverse as our coffee blends. With Panduranga Coffee, you're sure to find that perfect match that not just meets but celebrates your individuality. Let's embrace the rich tradition of South Indian filter coffee together, celebrating the diversity of flavors and stories in every cup. Happy Valentine’s Day. 



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