Aroma Pocket

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Aroma Pocket- Awesome coffee, wherever, whenever 100% quality, 100% convenience, 0% compromise Impossible? We don't think so.  That's why we created Aroma Pocket. Take super convenient Japanese design, Add expertly, sourced precision roasted coffee and put it into mug- ready filters.  Enjoy great coffee 24/7 anywhere on earth

1. Open the bag along the cutting line

2. Open up the holder and hang it in your cup

3. First pour a little hot water to brew the coffee, then add as much hot water as you like (Recommended: 2 times until full)

Net quantity 10g x 10 bags 

Roast Level





4500 feet.


Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India (South) 


What is so special about this coffee? What is High Altitude Coffee?

Coffee beans that are grown at higher altitudes tend to be harder and richer. Due to higher elevations there is less oxygen in the air. This causes the plant to grow slower giving it more time to mature. The beans develop more intense flavor profiles with different tastes and stays 2 months longer in the plant.
Higher altitudes are considered ideal for growing the coffee plant. With cooler temperatures delaying the growth cycle allows the beans to go through a longer maturation process. Thus creating a much fuller, richer and more flavorsome coffee.


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