Morning Ritual Bundle

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The "Morning Ritual Bundle" from Panduranga Coffee is a harmonious combination of tradition and refreshment, designed to invigorate your mornings and soothe your evenings. This bundle features our celebrated '1938 Roast' - a rich, artfully roasted blend with a deep history, perfect for starting your day with a taste of Chikmagalur's coffee legacy.

Complementing the morning coffee is our 'Bluepea & Mint Green Tea', a visually stunning and healthful infusion, ideal for unwinding in the evening. The vibrant blue hues of butterfly blue pea flowers blend beautifully with the refreshing green notes of mint, offering a sensory experience that calms and rejuvenates. Together, these two distinct beverages create a daily ritual that celebrates the best of both worlds - the robust energy of premium coffee and the tranquil serenity of herbal tea, making it an ideal gift for those who cherish the art of fine beverages.

1938 Roast 1 Pack = 500gms

Bluepea & Mint Green Tea 1 pack = 200gms