Aroma Gold

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Aroma Gold is a blend that enables you to enjoy the full and refined quality flavour of strong-filter coffee. This coffee blend contains 30% Chicory to give it a creamy caramel finish. Best suited for coffee lovers who consume coffee with milk & those who prefer thick and more viscous cups. 

Aroma Grand has undergone extensive testing and trials to find the right recipe and blend, producing the coffee from the finest and highest quality coffee beans in compliance with our consumer’s tastes. With its superb packaging design, quality blend and reasonable price, this product will indisputably find its way to the hearts of true lovers and connoisseurs of filter coffee. 

How to Brew with Moka Pot 

Roast Level





4500 feet.


Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India (South)

What is so special about this coffee? What is High Altitude Coffee?

Coffee beans that are grown at higher altitudes tend to be harder and richer. Due to higher elevations there is less oxygen in the air. This causes the plant to grow slower giving it more time to mature. The beans develop more intense flavor profiles with different tastes and stays 2 months longer in the plant.
Higher altitudes are considered ideal for growing the coffee plant. With cooler temperatures delaying the growth cycle allows the beans to go through a longer maturation process. Thus creating a much fuller, richer and more flavorsome coffee.


- 1 Pack = 500 grams/1.1 Lb

- Choose 2 Pack or 4 Pack size for quantity discounts.

Customer Reviews

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By far the best strong filter coffee I ever had!

Aroma Gold filter coffee is truly unmatchable. My mornings are incomplete without a strong filter coffee. And I love coffee blended with chicory. Aroma Gold satisfies all my carvings for a perfect cup of strong and rich filter coffee. I have tried many other Indian brands like Cothas and Narsus. Nothing can beat the taste of Aroma Gold Coffee.