What Makes Wild Coffee from the Western Ghats So Unique?

As the curator of Panduranga Coffee, I'm delighted to share with you our beloved Wild Coffee blend, which is a tribute to the abundant natural resources that support India's rich coffee culture. Our wild coffee beans are grown in the verdant boundaries of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in Chikmagalur, surrounded by the breathtaking Western Ghats. This area is more than just a backdrop; it's the essence of our coffee, offering a natural habitat where each bean is grown alongside the various species that wander the sanctuary. Wild Coffee is our homage to this harmony between nature and nurture, a truly wild experience in every sip.

What Makes Wild Coffee Unique?

The unique flavor profile of Wild Coffee is greatly influenced by its cultivation beneath the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary's natural forest canopy. With wild tigers roaming freely, this special place supports an ecological balance that naturally improves the soil. These apex predators' presence suggests a robust, biodiverse ecology that improves the growing conditions for coffee plants and gives the beans an unmatched flavor and aroma. By using this technique, the ecological integrity of the sanctuary is maintained while also providing a really wild and tasty cup of coffee.

Our premium Arabica coffee is grown in balance with the environment, beneath the organic shade provided by the canopies of forest trees. Not only do these plantations yield coffee, but they also provide vital wildlife corridors and safe havens for other creatures, including the magnificent wild tigers. Each cup of our coffee narrates the story of a special coexistence between tigers and farmers, representing the harmonious coexistence of man, beast, and environment.

Taste Notes and Blend Details

Every cup has a particular flavor thanks to the special growing conditions of Wild Coffee, which is tucked away behind the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary's natural canopy. The deep, flavorful  and rich aroma of Wild Coffee are accentuated by a blend ratio of 80% coffee to 20% chicory. Chicory contributes a light, woodsy sweetness that accentuates the natural flavors of the coffee, creating a well-rounded and vibrant palate that honors the blend's exotic origins and meticulous cultivation.

Wild Coffee

Why is Chicory Added to Coffee?

For years, chicory coffee has been a treasured addition to Indian coffee due to its distinct flavor profile. Chicory is more than just an ingredient in Wild Coffee; it's a bridge connecting the traditional South Indian filter coffee experience with the modern palate.  Chicory adds a delicate flavor to the coffee that is smooth and somewhat nutty, giving the brew more depth and complexity. Because of the deliberate blending of chicory and coffee, Wild Coffee is distinguished as a combination that is both comforting and soothing.

A Celebration of South Indian Filter Coffee

A mainstay of Indian culture, South Indian filter coffee is long appreciated for its rich, fragrant brew. By combining the ancient brewing methods of South Indian filter coffee with the wild-grown beans, Wild Coffee uplifts this custom. Each cup of this blend celebrates taste and legacy while also introducing coffee enthusiasts to a wider range of flavors. It pays homage to the traditional  coffee brewing techniques.

With 20% chicory blend, Wild Coffee is a great option for connoisseurs of South Indian filter coffee. For those who value the complexity and richness of South Indian filter coffee, this blend is perfect because chicory has been added to enhance the flavor of traditional coffee.

Why Choose Wild Coffee?

Choosing Wild Coffee is a call to embrace India's coffee tradition in all its pure glory. You can discover a story of tradition, conservation, and the tenacious nature of the wild in each cup of Wild Coffee. Not only does this coffee stimulate your senses, but it also ties you to the core of India's coffee-growing history. Whether you're a lover of chicory coffee, a South Indian filter coffee expert, or just someone looking for a real coffee experience, Wild Coffee offers a voyage that's as tasty as it is  flavorful.

So, keep in mind that when you drink your next cup of wild coffee, you're enjoying the classic flavor of South Indian filter coffee, the essence of India's wild sanctuaries, and the classic allure of chicory coffee—all together.

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