Brass Coffee Filter

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  • Size 1 , 150 Ml , Ideal 2 to 3 Cups Coffee Brass Hand-made Filter has 3 components - 2 Cylindrical cups (Upper & bottom) + 1 cover lid for the upper cup. Hand-made filters
  • Premium Hand-made BRASS COFFEE FILTER helps you enjoy an authentic taste of filter coffee at home. Enhances the aroma of decoction and keeps it fresh.
  • Rather than buying perishable vessels often you can invest in the healthy and environment-friendly utensils made of Brass and lead a sustainable lifestyle. Brass is hard and durable! When consumed from the brassware, the properties present in it helps you to enhance the process of digestion by triggering your hunger.
  • The first and the foremost thing to use Brass is because it keeps the food warm for a longer duration of time when compared to other vessels.
  • Made in India