Summer Special: Cold Kaapi Using Authentic Filter Coffee Decoction

Love filter coffee, but want it chill? Then try this delicious cold coffee recipe made using our speciality Wild Coffee Blend.

 What do you need?

1. Filter Coffee Decoction - You can brew Indian Filter Coffee Decoction using a Brass Coffee Filter or Mokapot

Watch South Indian Filter Coffee Brewing Techniques here and here.

2. Coffee Mug or Glass Mug

3. Cold Milk

4. Sugar ( optional )

5. Milk Frother

6. Ice Cubes

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1. Brew Filter Coffee Decoction using Wild Coffee Blend. If you like strong decoction, use Chicory Coffee ( coffee with chicory ) blends or if you like your coffee subtle and light, use Pure coffee blends

2. Add 1/4th Filter Coffee Decoction into a coffee cup or mug.

3. Use a Milk Frother to make the decoction frothy.

4. Add Cold Milk 3/4th cup.

5. Add Sugar or any Sweetener of choice.

6. Add Ice cubes and enjoy.

Let your summer be Filter coffee chill!


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