AROMATIQUE INSTANT COFFEE (80% Coffee + 20% Chicory )

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Aromatique Instant Coffee by Panduranga Coffee is an exquisite crafted instant coffee blend that marries 80% premium coffee with 20% chicory, offering a concoction that delights the senses and elevates your coffee experience to new heights.

Sourced from Chikmagalur's finest coffee beans, the blend delivers a robust, intense coffee flavor that is beautifully complemented by the mild, earthy notes of chicory. The result is a cup of coffee that not only energizes but also provides a soothing, aromatic experience.

If your preference leans towards a coffee that is less acidic and smoother, yet still retains a bold and rich flavor profile, then "Aromatique Instant Coffee" by Panduranga Coffee is designed with you in mind.

"Aromatique Instant Coffee" stands as the ideal choice for those who seek convenience without compromising on quality. Whether you're rushing through a busy morning or in need of a quick, comforting break, this coffee blend is engineered for simplicity and excellence.


1. Take 1 tsp (1.5g) of Panduranga Classique Instant Coffee in a cup
2. Add 1 tsp (7g) Sugar
3. Add 1 cup (120ml) of Hot Milk, Stir Well and Enjoy a Great Cup of Coffee.

- 1 Pack = 200 grams/7 oz